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The artist & his work.

My work deals with the microcosmos and macrocosmos.

The microcosmos is my subconsciousness, free from rational selfish arrogance.

The macrosmos is wild nature, and not trimmed humanised and rationalised nature. 

I use the Amazon as a symbol of a flamboyant, exuberant, yet fragile nature that overgrows everything almost like a green monster, eating and digesting everything. In my work life and death dance a syncopated samba, like man and woman (or in my case passive man with active man) in a sexual frenzy. 

This beautiful green monster is scary because we are afraid of losing control, yet also fragile because as soon as the forest is cultivated it becomes sterile after a few years.

The micro and macro are linked, as is our obsession with rationality destroying ourselves, as well as the Amazon.

Destroying the Amazon is the desire of rationality to also destroy subconsciousness and because of that should be resisted.

Giulio Baistrocchi