“It’s all so quiet, and so peaceful until…”. To associate pop art with fine art could be very “Young British Artist” and my art is miles away from it because my work has not any pretence to be cutting edge, is simply pure emotional abstract expressionism painting, very oldfashioned  and primitive sometimes.This reference to B. Jork is because I found her music, and her performances like a an explosion of energy and immagination but  she is very reserved and shy in her private life. In a similar way my body of work is very emotional, almost violent with bright colours while I’m rather introverted even if I’ m from a diplomatic background. Therefore I met presidents, aristocrats since a very young age. I felt closer to the scandinavian (I dived into it thanks to my best friend and fine artist Alexandra Unger and Anna Lewenhaupt my spiritual twin sister), germanic (I owe a lot to the german expressionists) and anglosaxon (the same with American Abstact Expressionists) mentality where emotions are much subtle and more hidden, where dreams and fantasy comes along with a very pragmatic mentality without such a big conflict as in mediterranean cultures where rationality has such a predominance. This led me to study fine arts at Middlesex University, London probably as an attempt to rerturn back to my hybrid roots having some english ancestry. I’m related in a distant way with the Chambers family, who has been in the navy for centuries and there is even a painting in the Greenwich maritime museum made by my ancestor. I wanted to have a more direct connection with contemporary art because I felt Italy is too much orientated to ancient masters, but even if this new environment was very inspiring and necessary to be conscious of the art world, and myself as an artist. I found that artists were moulded according to what is considered cutting edge, and naturally this rejection made me stronger and lived it as a survival course. I still continued to be myself and not a clone, but in the same time an occasion to broad my horizons and to contextualise my work. What I had in common with English contemporary art is the strong link to music, because my work is very much inspired by Brazilian popular music and culure which is lively, energertic and even poetic in the same time and not simply commercial, manufactured pop. Furthemore this need to contextualise is useful but instead of  just illustrating the news, art has to have its inner voice. According to me the environment is the only issue that really matters because if people start to think it as something belonging to everybody there may be more less space for conflicts and more awareness. This love for Brazil came because as a son of a diplomat I have been living in the country and because my late dear grandmother Lolita Baistrocchi was Brazilian, and I would never forget the colours and the extreme poverty the beauty mixed with ugly. I feel almost Brazilian even if I was born in Rome the 21/04/79 but in fact I’m more a hybrid between brazilian, spanish (been living there as well) and french (was educated in the french lyçée Chateaubriand). Due to this mix of personalities I could only paint between abstract and figurative. I made for some years a life drawing and painting  private course by artist Alberto Parres, and the same course at the Accademy of fine Arts Rome. Due to the fact I had to change countries very often, I always perceived life as transient and ephememeral, and this was enhanced by an interrest in asian philosophies and this lead me to study Chinese language and culture at university “La Sapienza” in Rome. Now after many years I decided I want to be a professional artist going against my family who wanted me to do the artist and a proper job, giving me the example of my uncle the ambassador Massimo Baistrocchi  who is a fine artist as well. He inspired me very much even if  I stopped painting for four years because I did not wanted to compete with him. Now he says that art has to be done fulltime and feel better than my fight was not vain. I made my first show in the “T gallery” in London as a Middlessex graduate in june 2004 and the second in agust at the “Festival dei Popoli Mediterranei” in Bisceglie (Italy). Now I’m living in Udine with my partner and travelling to Rome and to London for exhibitions.


1999 Baccalaurčat Litteraire Lyçčč Chateaubriand Rome

97/o1 private lessons at porta blu by painter Alberto Parres

99 2001 atended scuola libera del nudo,academia belle arti, via di ripetta Rome

99 2001atented La Sapienza , Oriental Languages (mandarin)

2001/ 2004 ba fine arts Middlessex University 



1998 duo painting show  and performance with Alberto Parres at Gramma’s cultural association Rome

1999 solo painting show at Porta Blu

2001 collective at Middlessex University Wood Green

2002 solo at Foundry, Old Street

2003 collaboration for a set at London school of film

2004/06 collective.  Truman Brewery Brick Lane

2004/07 collective at the Festival dei Popoli Mediterranei Bisceglie

2005/04 solo Hammersmith Information Centre

2005/10 solo at the Bistrot Udine

2006/02  collective EOC European Orchid show Padova

2006/04 collective Pordenone 

2006/05 solo at Tiziano Terzani international Litterature prize, Vicino lontano Udine Italy

2006/o6 performace with Area odeon (Torino)in Udine

2006/07 participated to Michelangelo Pistoletto at Villa Manin Codroipo

2006/09 solo Waiting White @ Mirror Udine

2006/10 solo  @ Smile Udine

2007/03  solo @ Vicino Lontano Udine

2007/04  collective at Kulturnidom Gorizia

2007/05 Kulturnidom Ljubiana Slovenia

2007/07 collective London.uk/ud  @ 3g arte gallery Udine

2007/08 collective Socchieve

2007/09 solo al quadrato dell arte gallery udine

2007/10 collective  una linea non č una frontiera(one line is not a frontier) Maiano Castle Susans

2007/10 art event  organised by Paul van Dijk Cafe Fantasio (AMP) Amsterdam Holland

2007/10 solo @ Snaidero’s showroom San Donŕ di piave